Not just Triathlons - Tetrathlons too!

Not just Triathlons - Tetrathlons too!

For those of you who haven’t heard about Tetrathlons, they are a variant of the modern pentathlon, without fencing. Thus it comprises the four disciplines of shooting, swimming, riding, and running.

Some of our members use the club for their swimming and running training for their Tetrathlon events. We really welcome these members as it gives a really interesting different dynamic to the club.

Rebecca (Jack’s very supportive mum!) describes their experiences below:

‘As a typical boy, Jack loves the elements that he likes - shooting, swim and jumping his pony, Star. Running is not his forte but tries his best at every competition.

His determination and dedication to training is starting to pay off. Last year he won the Area 2 Tetrathlon for his age group which consisted of shoot, Swim, Run and having a faultless clear round of jumps on his pony, being the only boy to go clear.

It’s great to see Jack progress through his training and advice given from Richmond Tri Club’.

Best of luck to Jack and our other tetrathletes for the coming season!

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